Maker Faire and Make: Magazine have inspired makers for almost 10 years with the greatest show and tell on earth and quality editorial coverage. is our new online community that helps connect makers with each other, and give everyone simple new tools to organize and share projects, as well as find other interesting makers and projects to follow and collaborate with. Built by makers for makers and stocked with thousands of lab-tested projects from the editors of Make:.

Feature List

Coming soon
  • Community pages
  • Community roles
  • Company profiles
  • Search for projects, people and companies
  • Multiple File type attachments
  • Multiple File attachments
Coming later
  • Mobile
  • Messaging

Tech Stack

We try to be language agnostic, picking the best tool for the job. If you have insights or experience that you'd like to add, check out jobs below.

  • Rails
  • NodeJS
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular
  • Heroku
  • Postgres
  • ElasticSearch
  • Neo4j
  • Hadoop
  • Mongo


  • Rails Engineers
  • iOS Engineers
  • Search and Database Engineers
  • Hackers + Anyone that wants to do something awesome.



What is MakerSpace?

MakerSpace is a new online community that connects makers to makers and allows them to share ideas and projects. For nearly 10 years Make: magazine has been inspiring makers with in depth coverage of the maker movement and step-by-step, lab-tested projects. Maker Faire brings makers together face-to-face at the greatest show and tell on earth. With MakerSpace we’ve created a place for makers to connect with each other between Maker Faires by providing easy to use tools to organize and share projects. Built by makers for makers and stocked with thousands of lab-tested projects from the editors of Make:, MakerSpace will be the greatest place to show and tell online.

What are the current features of MakerSpace?

Get started by creating your maker profile, then you can start following other makers. Following a Maker means that you will see their activity in your activity feed. This is a great way to “meet” other makers with similar interests. You can also create and edit a maker Notebook to capture random ideas or document projects with as much precision as you like. Plus, you can browse, like, share and bookmark nearly 2,000 Make:-approved projects. A complete list of features is available on the “About” page.
 Do you allow groups and/or companies to create profile pages?

 Not yet! We recognize that there are plenty of groups, makerspaces, clubs and companies out there that would contribute great ideas to this community. Stay tuned for that feature in the future.

 What is a Notebook?

 Notebooks are a simple online tool for you to capture and share  your ideas and notes about projects you’re working on or plan to be working on. If you want to record data or pictures of a current project, this is the place to do it. Or just keep notes on ideas or other projects you find inspiring. Your Notebook can be what you need it to be to support and document your personal making process. 

 Can I add Projects?

 Stay tuned for that feature in early 2015.

 Can I send a message to another maker?

 Right now you can comment on other makers’ notebooks. Soon you will be able to also comment on projects as well as as send private in-network messages to other MakerSpace members.

 How do I update my profile?

 Click your profile picture on the right side of the main nav bar. Click on Settings to edit your profile.

 How do I disconnect my MakerSpace account from my Facebook account and instead sign in with my email address?

 You can log out and reset your password from the login screen on the front-page. This will send an email to your address to reset your password, thereby allowing you to login with just your email and password from the front-page. 

 What kind of information does MakerSpace collect about me?

 We collect analytics/metrics about where you clicked so we can see which features you use and don't use. This helps us build better features that are more important to you. We also track where you're visiting us from. This helps us understand more about you so we can build a more thoughtful product for you and other users.

 How do I contact MakerSpace?

 You can get in touch with our team by emailing: