The Practices section is aimed at offering guidance to leaders, mentors, teachers, and others who are providing a context for making in education. We want to cover best practices in making such as how to keep the focus on process as well as various techniques to engage and support children in projects.
Makerspace will…
  1. Develop educational contexts that link the practice of making to formal concepts and theory, to support discovery and exploration while introducing new tools for advanced design and new ways of thinking about making.
  2. Initiate development of guides for teachers, mentors and other leaders and encourage the community to participate in development.

Makerspace Playbookintended to offer some guidance to those who are hoping to start a Makerspace at their school or in their community. We welcome your feedback on the kinds of things we should add to this Playbook, what you think we got right and wrong, and any changes you’d make in general. We already know we’d like to add things like sample letters to garner support from administration and potential funders, more spotlights of teachers doing this kind of making with their students, and more detail about what the new roles for teachers, mentors, and shop hosts might entail. What do you need to know to get your Makerspace up and running?