safety-gurstelle-article-imageAt the “How to Make a Makerspace” workshop in Somerville, Massachusetts this past weekend, one of the common themes, among many, that emerged in discussions was “safety”. In his keynote, Dale Dougherty, too, called out the need to improve safety — the practices, instruction, information, protocol and procedures, and consistency.

Like others, we have taken a stab at standardizing shared safety information, compiling the wisdom of our own practices as well as the field-tested methods of the teachers in our pilot program. As we realize how much work every individual is putting towards the same ends, we think it makes sense to combine efforts, engage in a larger conversation, and share resources that everyone can use and adapt.

The Safety chapter from our Playbook is excerpted here. It includes a few basic tenets, signs and examples on basic tool use and safety from the high schools we’re working with in our pilot program, a reprint of an article from MAKE that William Gurstelle wrote on safety (from which we borrowed the image above), and other suggested guidelines. We know it doesn’t capture everything, but it’s a start. What would you add?

Also, here’s an example of Artisan’s Asylum’s tool training rubric for the compound sliding miter saw. Click on the images to enlarge.


csms1 csms2 csms3

We’re also working on finding (or creating!) a set of great safety videos. What are your favorites?

Are you re-creating the wheel too? Please join in the discussion on safety!

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