MResMitchel Resnick just announced that he’ll be teaching a course anyone can take! If you don’t already know him, Mitchel directs the MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten group, designed the “programmable bricks” on which LEGO Mindstorms were based, co-founded the international Computer Clubhouse and MIT’s Center for Civic Media, and developed the wildly popular kid’s programming language Scratch.

I’m one of the lucky ones who has studied with Mitchel, so it’s a special treat to share the news of an experimental online course he’ll be teaching with Natalie Rusk (who is also a wonderful teacher!) and Philipp Schmidt (whom I look forward to getting to know–he’s in great company.) So now hundreds, thousands, millions (!) can take a seminar with them, and I hope they all will, because we need more people transforming the way we teach and supporting the way we all learn. You too can and should sign up to be one of their first class. The class starts February 11, a week from today.

Our colleagues posted about this earlier today:

MAKE | How to Learn Almost Anything, Open MIT Online Class

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