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Maker Faire and Make: Magazine have inspired makers for almost 10 years with the greatest show and tell on earth and quality editorial coverage. is our new online community that helps connect makers with each other, and give everyone simple new tools to organize and share projects, as well as find other interesting makers and projects to follow and collaborate with. Built by makers for makers and stocked with thousands of lab-tested projects from the editors of Make:.

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Making is about sharing. We're creating simple tools to make sharing a project more about your process and progress told in your own voice and less about dry documentation. And you're not alone - Make: editors are eager to find new projects to feature and expand, large team based projects are looking for collaboration and gives you the workspace online to do everything from upload a simple sketch to sharing your completed multi-step projects.

Help Us Build is the result of speaking to thousands of makers at our company events like Maker Faire and MakerCon, online surveys and years of researching what makes a good community and what would work for an audience we know and love. BUT we need your feedback and input to roll out and grow this site. Like any project, this will take time and many iterations. Help us make the best online experience for our community: Send us your ideas: [email protected]


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